On Monday, Gianpiero Petriglieri at HBR commented on the need for rituals in the business environment—not personal, but corporate:

Humans have always gathered to perform rituals that tie leaders to their communities and vice versa. Rituals help craft a tie made of belonging without possession, the kind of bond where each side gives the other permission to change them for good. Leaders use rituals to infuse their communities with meaning — to signal what matters, who we are, what we must do and why. Communities use rituals to demand leaders’ allegiance — to signal what norms they must conform to, which principles they are to uphold, who they are meant to serve. Put another way, rituals are reminders that leaders are both shapers and custodians. It is their job to influence as much as it is to represent their people.

What rituals have you experienced in a business or organization—regular events? Structured conversations? Times of celebration? How did they help signal the community’s norms? Did they help leaders remember to be shapers and custodians?


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