By Gideon Strauss

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There are a few more days left to make charitable donations withing the current tax year. What criteria do you use as you make your giving decisions?

I want to suggest that you consider leveraging your giving by supporting organizations that enable numerous other organizations.

I am an avid fan of the accelerator Praxis, founded by Josh Kwon and Dave Blanchard. Praxis helps entrepreneurs build high-impact organizations. This is how they describe their organizational vision:

Praxis was created to support entrepreneurs who are compelled by their faith to advance the common good. The vision for the organization was formed out of a passion to engage deeply and relationally in the development of high-impact ideas, while providing an environment that allows the leaders of these ventures to embody the Gospel within the nuances of their work.  We currently engage entrepreneurs primarily through our highly-competitive flagship program, the Praxis Accelerator, a mentorship-driven, year-long process for these entrepreneurs & innovators. Each year, we run two of these programs, one focused on 12 nonprofit entrepreneurs, and one focused on 12 business entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide selected Fellows with the knowledge and network needed to develop world-class organizations.

We have featured many of the organizations that have benefited from being Praxis fellows, and my colleague Laura Gossman will continue to feature Praxis fellows most Wednesdays in the coming months. For a look at the benefits that result from the work done by Praxis, take a look at a few of our recent features: Create Common Good; Matchbook Learning; the Rare Genomics Institute; Sinapis; and Zambikes. (For all of our features on Praxis and the Praxis Fellows, see here.)

When you support Praxis financially, you make a contribution well beyond Praxis itself, as your giving helps Praxis to mentor the founders of at least 24 new organizations every year, and eventually touches all of the stakeholders and beneficiaries of all those organizations. You can find information on giving to Praxis here.



 Fieldnotes Magazine has also partnered over the past year with the for-profit company CaseCrown, by regularly featuring their Giving Partners. Every month CaseCrown partners with a new non-profit organization, with four objectives:

1. Raising awareness for the organization by Tribe Building;
2. Providing Strategic Funding;
3. Encouraging community & donor engagement through Actionable Ideas; and
4. Sharing Measurable Impact with the community.

We have published a series of features on the CaseCrown Giving Partners, usually authored by the company’s Creative Assistant Lead, Miyun Shin. You can read these features here. Since CaseCrown is a for-profit organization, you would have to support their efforts by buying their projects, but what I recommend for your year-end giving is that you go to their Giving Partnership web page and review the list of organizations that they have vetted and curated, and select one of these nonprofits to support.



And lastly, of course, by supporting the Max De Pree Center for Leadership, you are supporting the publication of Fieldnotes Magazine, as well as our research, content development, and educational efforts. We would be grateful if you consider a gift to the De Pree Center!

A blessed Christmas and new year to all of our readers!

Gideon Strauss is the executive director at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership and also editor of Fieldnotes Magazine.

Fieldnotes Magazine is a publication of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. We would love to hear from you about people, businesses, or other organizations we can interview or feature. Please email the editor at Fieldnotes Magazine.


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