By Gideon Strauss

What is the most fun you’ve had at work? I asked Fieldnotes Magazine contributors and people with whom I am connected through Facebook and Twitter this question. Here are some of the responses I received.

Putting out doughnuts during finals week in my library. It’s funny to watch the students take them. They look like they are sneaking them. (Austina McFarland Jordan) / Traveling to Rwanda with a group of wonderful HOPE International donors. And meeting this guy with them. (Chris Horst, HOPE International) / Segway tour, go-cars, hiking, IDEO, Disneyland, food bank, serving the homeless … every Sunday morning … every Monday morning … every time my team was together. (Eric Quan, writing about his time on staff at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church) / In investment banking, golf junkets were a blast, with the most memorable being Kiawah Island. Now, my most fun at work is to be with passionate followers of Jesus equally passionate about their entrepreneurship. It is both a blessing and invigorating. (David D. Kim, Telos Ventures)

The De Pree Center crew having a little fun at work

The De Pree Center crew having a little fun at work

Photo shoot on a rooftop in downtown LA with the De Pree crew. Putting on a blond wig & false eyelashes to play my fave role to date, “Truvy” in Steel Magnolias. Late night dinners with the This Is Our City team after a long day of listening sessions in various cities around the continental U.S. Singing show tunes on a bus with Elizabeth Arden execs & colleagues en route to the company Christmas party in Stamford in 2006. Drinking champagne at work the day went public. (I was just a temp, so no IPO profits for me. But it sure was fun to be there!) The day I nailed the final piece of choreography for West Side Story at Mill Mountain Theatre in 1999. (Christy Tennant Krispin, Algumwood Consulting)

Assembling and spray painting ‘RUN’ kits in a Google conference room, to encourage kids to get excited about fitness. (Joshua To, Hattery) / The most fun at work for me involves our team thinking and strategizing together, embedded in heaps of laughter and prayer. #dream (Hank de Jong, EduDeo Ministries) / Being a professional artist, so much of my work is “fun” — but recently I wrote four children’s books that are sort of like steampunk fairy tales to teach kids about Geography. THAT was fun! (Ned Bustard, Square Halo Books) / Singing karaoke in Orvieto, Italy with 30 other people from Fuller in a little restaurant as we celebrated our last night together before heading home. (Nate Risdon, Brehm Center, Fuller Theological Seminary)

Being on a team that trusts each other, works hard and has a great sense of humor. (Eileen O’Gorman, Food for the Hungry) / A one-year assignment to a re-engineering team doing business process redesign. (Jeff Schmidt) / When I lead a group of students whitewater rafting through Class 5 rapids on the Gauley River. (Chris Misiano, Liberty University) / I love it when story elements come beautifully together. (Lauralee Farrer, Fuller Theological Seminary) / Building a pirate fort. Attending an opening day ballgame at a ballpark I helped to design. (David Greusel, Convergence Design)

And so, what is the most fun YOU’ve had at work?

Gideon Strauss is the executive director at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership and also editor of Fieldnotes Magazine.

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One Response to Fun at work!

  1. I was in Africa (that was fun!) and missed the deadline for this. The most fun I’ve probably had at work (I do have a lot of fun, so it’s hard to choose!) is, after a laborious read of Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, having a rousing
    discussion in my English Novel class of Henry Fielding’s brilliant parody, Shamela.