By Elena Bondar

[You can read about Elena and the organization she founded, Two Wings, in a Fieldnotes Magazine article by Laura Gossman.]

This past October I was afforded the opportunity to attend a Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership event in Los Angeles, California. As the CEO of Two Wings, a non-profit organization based in Southern California, I enjoyed the chance to learn more about how I can shift into being the leader that my organization needs to develop and move into the future with optimized success. After attending this event, I left positively charged towards my organization’s vision, feeling empowered with new strategic insights, and equipped to carry out operational shifts in my own approach to leadership. I would like to share some of the takeaways that were of great benefit to me.

Working the work book

Working the work book

I jotted many nuggets of wisdom down in my notes. Here is a list of five of the most important things that I learned from EntreLeadership, relevant to my leadership role in running Two Wings.

1.  Synergy and connectedness matters. A lot. I hope to provide my team with the experience of connectedness as I try to empower them with ideas towards project success.

2. A leader  has the capacity to significantly invest into the lives of about five individuals. I must be wise in deciding whom to mentor in my organization.

3. Repeating the vision and mission of the organization for the team is key, as individualized mobilization requires about 21 episodes of exposure.

4. Slow and steady business development is key to success, as predictable outcomes are generated from a calm, calculated strategy. The organization’s leader needs to be much more like a tortoise, rather than a hare bounding around from one operational tactic to another.

5. It is important to stick to principles, while allowing for the living structure of the organization to mature as its people learn and grow.

As the event immersed me in an ocean of knowledge and developmental strategies, one concern arose for myself moving forward. As the leader of a non-profit organization going into its third year, it is a challenge to balance my own personal growth and organizational development. This concern  yielded an unanswered question that I will have to struggle with solving: As the leader of an organization dependent on volunteers, how do we offer ongoing training to suffuse Two Wings with the highest expectations and capacitities, so that we can keep our services accountable to the highest standards?

Dave Ramsey on stage

Dave Ramsey on stage

As I draft these reflections in the freshness of the days following EntreLeadership, I’m filled with gratitude for Mr. Ramsey and the organizers of the event. I thoroughly enjoy these kinds of events because I leave feeling energized and inspired. This experience held my attention with a high yield of strategy and employable knowledge. I am thankful for the connections that I made and the practical wisdom that I continue to revisit, and I look forward to implementing the strategies that were presented. I enthusiastically recommend this event to anyone interested in leadership development and entrepreneurial growth.

(Photographs are by the author.)

Elena Bondar is the Founder and CEO of Two Wings.

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