By Laura Gossman

Kindrid lets you give the amount you want to give.

Kindrid lets you give any amount with a single text.

“Have you ever wondered why giving couldn’t be as easy as one-click shopping?

We’ve all had the experience of wanting to make a donation in the moment but not being able to. Whether it’s at church without a checkbook or on the street without cash in our pockets. But imagine if there was a way you could give at any time and any amount to your favorite organizations with a single text; would that encourage you to be more generous? That’s what Kindrid believes.”   —Jason Burkholder

If you are one of the millions of people who rarely write checks anymore and periodically like to donate your hard earned money to a cause or institution you care about, you will appreciate that an organization like Kindrid exits.

Kindrid cofounder Jason Burkholder

Kindrid cofounder Jason Burkholder dreamt of making giving more efficient and joy-filled for his generation.

One of  two cofounders, Jason Burkholder, shared in an interview that the original dream for the nonprofit Kindrid was to expose people to new causes. He and cofounder Leighton Cusack built an entire website and business model around this idea but ultimately it failed. “The biggest obstacle we faced was ourselves,” states Burkholder. What the two discovered, however, was that donors, as well as the receiving organizations, were frustrated with the giving process. As participants in the Praxis Accelerator Program, a mentorship-driven program for entrepreneurs and innovators, the Kindrid cofounders realized they needed a new model. “We needed to meet donors where they were at and improve that experience. We decided during Praxis to shift our model, to offer services that helped churches and nonprofits better engage their existing donors, increase their giving, and build a culture of generosity.”

Burkholder and Cusack at a Praxis gathering

Burkholder and Cusack at a Praxis gathering.

Kindrid was birthed in the innovation lab at OneHope, a global nonprofit that has been reaching out to the world’s youth and children. This faith-based nonprofit understands the pains in increasing engagement and fundraising. That’s why Kindrid’s cofounders have tied together the appropriate technologies in order to create a giving experience fit for the 21st century.

In order to help build a culture of generosity, the cofounders decided to provide an experience of giving that would lend itself to being more joy-filled. Their idea was to leverage technology to foster joyful giving and to “fix giving by translating the experience into something that makes sense to a new generation.” They wanted to make giving “easier than buying a book on Amazon.”

So how does giving with Kindrid work? Kindrid enables donors to give any amount with a single text at any time, at no extra charge, thereby increasing engagement and total gift amount. For the recipient organizations, there are no set-up fees or long-term contracts to use Kindrid; they pay only for the features they need on a monthly basis. Donations are then transferred to the organization’s bank account either every business day or at set intervals. You won’t find this kind of quick turnaround with most text-message giving scenarios. Plus, donors can give any amount they wish, not just the usual $10 or $100. Kindrid’s forms and texts can be customized with the organization’s name, logo, colors and tagline, thus ensuring brand consistency. Donors can also be confident in Kindrid’s level of security and privacy, which is Level 1 PCI-compliant. Kindrid also won’t give out personal donor information unless the donor grants permission. Lastly, their Donation Dashboard offers the organization reports, graphs and tools to help them understand their donors’ preferences.

Kindrid: text-message giving made simple.

Kindrid: text-message giving made simple.

Thanks to Trenton Broughton, the third member of the Kindrid team and their lead developer, Kindrid has built out a fun, easy way to give to any of their partnering organizations with a single text. They already have over 60 partnering organizations across the US. If you would like to try out Kindrid for yourself, follow these instructions:

To start a donation to any of the organizations below, simply text the word shown to the number 45777. This will not go on your phone bill! Once you input your credit or debit card information to give to your designated organization, you can give to them again (and again) with a single text. You might just help change the world!

To give to Ada Bible Church: Text ADA to 45777
To give to Axis: Text AXIS to 45777
To give to OneHope: Text ONEHOPE to 45777
To give to The Supply: text DONTRESCUE to 45777

Laura Gossman lives in Pasadena, California. She is the Director of Operations at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership and the mother of newborn Benjamin.

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